Gaming with LEGO Dice

The progression of the Minifig Melee has been slow but steady, but no element of  the game has gone through as much change as the use of the dice.  One consistent goal I’ve had is to make use of the official LEGO dice and to leverage the customizable nature of them.  Very early on, I started out by using 1×1’s on the dice, but that quickly became too fiddly. 



So then I moved to 1×2’s thinking I’d found the solution, but still it turned out to not work the way I wanted.




So now I’m down to 2×2 faces on the dice. The final  implementation has 3 dice with the 6 basic colors distributed in such a  way that each color appears on two dice.  Each dice also has a black  (failure) and white (wildcard success) side.



To top it all off, the rules allow this starter arrangment to be modified by the player as he desires to tweak the overall strategy of this team, providing ultimate configurability!


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